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How To Build Your Trap with the MAS device:

trap Jabeprode
trap full of asian hornets

Once you will have purchased your MAS kit, you will need some boxes. Any type of boxes will do a long as they are stackable. At Raw Mellifera, we are using AUER boxes (references below) but you can also build your own out of any timber, plywood, pallet wood.... or even reuse some old super and brood boxes.

The set consist in 2 boxes and a roof (fig.1), The shallow box (400 x 300 x 75 mm) goes underneath the main one. The bottom of the main box (400 x 300 x 220 mm) where the Asian Hornets will be trapped is fitted with a 2 mm mesh floor (Fig.1) and the box will need 2 MAS (Fig.2).

The distance between the 2 narrow extremities of the MAS shall imperatively be 80 mm minimum. The mesh used in our construction is A4 dimensions. Old mesh from a beehive floor can be used too.

For the main box, the cut to fit the MAS shall be centered on the end panels of the box, with cut dimensions as follow: 125 x 180 mm.

If your main box has hollow handles, as for some AUER boxes, you will need to use some extra mesh or plain pieces of plastic ( from the bottom cut) to close them. 

The Shallow box does not need any modification, it will receive the baits placed into containers ( take away type containers).

To fix the mesh, we use 2.4 mm rivets. If you do not have any, you can also glue the mesh with silicon or screw it. The same applies for the MAS.

Boxes references: 

Bottom box: AUER EG 43/75 HG

Main box: AUER EG 43/22 HG

Lid: AUER DE 43

We recommend 1 trap per 4 to 5 hives. Traps have to be set at a distance of 2 to 3 meters (5 to 7 being the maximum) behind the hives, away from the honeybees flight paths.

How To Build Your MAS device:

MAS Jabeprode

To order click HERE


The following video shows how to build your kit.


Step 1: Lay the parts in front of you on a flat surface. The inscription "Jabeprode" must be readable, and you must will feel the relief of the letters.

Step 2: You must clip the two large trapezoids into the receiving holes on the main rectangle ( see the video)

Step 3: Repeat the operation for the 2 small trapezoids.

Step 4: Squeeze gently the trapezoids in place so they are locked with each other.s

Step 5: place the end of the funnel ( small rectangle) and lock it in place.

MAS Building Instructions:

Downloadable Documentation:

TRAP Building Instructions:

Trapping methods and calendar

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