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Natural & Traditional Beekeeping

Top Bar Hives

We are proud to own and care for some beautiful Top Bar Beehives in our apiaries.Top Bar Hives are among the most ancient methods of beekeeping which involves almost no human intervention. The honey produced by the bees in this fashion is truly exceptional in its unique taste and is a rarity.


Top Bar Hive Nucleus

Raw Mellifera Ltd is producing TBH nuclei on 5 bars, for a hassle free and easy population of your hive. Specs are based on regarding bars dimension.

These nuclei are for collection only from Chippenham - Wiltshire and the cost may vary from £180 to £250 depending on the number available. 

We will take orders from October to April only for "ready to collect" nuclei in June or July, weather and availability permitting.

To order or for more information please send an Email to or use the contact form below.

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Facebook Group: UK Top Bar Beekeepers

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