Raw Mellifera services prices list
Please note: Prices are only for Raw Mellifera services. Any other contractors involved might have their own fees.



  • Swarm Collection: Free

  • Assessment on established colony: £25 + Mileage

  • Cut Out (removal of established colony) : £52/hour + Mileage


  • Assessment: £25 + Mileage

  • Online assessment (If possible with pictures and video) : Free

  • Removal* or Eradication : £55 



*Rehoming is not always possible, we will do our best to save them, it depends on the nest situation. 



  • Removal and rehoming: £45 + Mileage*

  • Assessment on established colony (without removal): £25 + Mileage

*When bumblebees are established  in the ground or buildings, the removal will take place in 2 steps to collect the whole colony including foragers, therefore the mileage will double.

Beekeeping services:

  • Full Apiary inspection: £42/hour + mileage . Optional treament for Varroa : £16/hive

  • Beehives transport (full colony) BNS Hive (including Nucleus) - max 4 beehives per travel: £48/hour plus mileage. 

  • Beehives transport (full colony) Top Bar Hive - max 1 beehive per travel: £58/hour plus mileage. 


Mileage: 50p/Miles

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