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Welcome to Our Apiaries:

Hill Farm Apiary

A stunning location in Rowde Wiltshire, surrounding by fields, hedges and gifted with a pond nearby, teeming with wildlife. This apiary is home to several British national hives and 2 Top bar Hives.

top Bar hive comb

Manor Farm Apiary

On the edge of the famous Circle of Stones in Avebury, this apiary is located in a small hamlet part of a protected area, where farmers are following a chart to protect the ecosystem, including bees.

The beehives are sitting in a vast field which is kept by the farmer for wild flowers, allowing wildlife to thrive. When visiting the apiary, we always have spectators such as birds, various mammals, reptiles and so on! Beautiful!

Hinton Apiary

Our apiary there is nested in the small village of Hinton - South Gloucestershire surrounded by local gardens, an orchard and wild hedges. This apiary is home to 7 British national Hives and 2 Top Bar Hives.A bee heaven...

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Pipley Bottom Farm Apiary

Once the local farmer said: "There is gold is those hills!"

We can only agree! And what a stunning view from this apiary in South-Gloucestershire.

The beehives are living there in a perfect environment, wild flowers, lime trees, various fruit trees in abundance... and a river at the bottom of the hill. 

7 British national hives and 1 TBH are on this site for the production of an exceptional honey. More informations on the farmer website at

Hawk How Apiary

Go up the hill and you will walk in an heritage orchard. Go down and you will reach the bank of the wonderful Chew Valley Lake. Thanks to the owner of this land to host our apiary in North somerset, where our bees can enjoy nectar and pollen from a vast range of flowers and trees. The honey has a very distinctive taste, thanks to the apple trees nearby!

jo apiary.jpg

Bowood Apiary (Chippenham)

On the edge of Bowood House and Gardens park, well known for its beautiful rhododendrons which the bees love, this apiary is situated in woodland. The honey produced by the girls there is an ode to the forest and the magical garden of the park.

A stunning location, well preserved and protected, surrounded by wild fruit trees , chestnuts trees and so on....

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