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DUMBEE PACT pro Full Jabeprode trap

DUMBEE PACT pro Full Jabeprode trap


The preventive and autonomous capture tray (PACT) is the most suitable professional tool to fight against the Asian hornet. Its state of the art version is affectionately called Dumbee in reference to a well-known large-eared animal. Its deflectors allow to increase the airflow that passes there, thus improving the range of the scents. Its cover with control screens allows to check the presence of Asian hornets without opening the capture cage.

It does not require any particular knowledge, is simply set up and requires little maintenance.

Ideal for preserving your garden or balcony from the installation of Asian hornet nests.

The Dumbee is composed of a bait tray, a capture cage equipped with selective access module, four deflectors and a cover equipped with control screens. It is essential to add a roof (not provided). The deflectors will be provided but not mounted because of space saving in the parcel. You will only need to attach them using a clamp (supplied).

Dimensions (LxWxH): 40x30x28 cm.


Pre order available as the item is made ON DEMAND at the factory. Due to international shipping and custom regulation please allow 6 to 8 weeks maximum for delivery.

Expected shipping 6 to 8 weeks MAXIMUM after order.
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