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AUER kit precut boxes & Mesh for JABEPRODE traps

AUER kit precut boxes & Mesh for JABEPRODE traps


The boxes you need to build your BCPA. Genuine AUER boxes, precut. The kit includes Trap Box, Bait Boxes and Mesh. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MAS! 


The preventive and autonomous capture box (BCPA) is the ultimate weapon in the fight against the Asian hornet.


It does not require any special knowledge, you will only need glue to fix the mesh ( Glue not provided)


The XL format is perfectly suited to preserving an apiary, a vineyard or an orchard.


 It is essential to add a roof (NOT SUPPLIED)


Dimensions (LxWxH): 60x40x28 cm.


Set up the traps in your apiary, catch the early autumn and spring AH Queens to prevent any nests in your area and protect your bees. Enjoy peace of mind as once set the trap can stay in situ for months without any intervention.






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    Please note that the roof is not provided! Any board can be used.

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