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Anti Asian Hornet Beehive Green Gate 5.5

Anti Asian Hornet Beehive Green Gate 5.5


The very first line of defence for your beehive, the green gate will allow bee workers to carry on their duty while preventing Asian Hornet from entering the beehive.

Originally made for Dadant beehives, they are extremely easy to set on British National Hives or Warre by simply using a couple of screws, nails or pins. They will also fit any entrances on BNS set will landing boards. This is a super cheap solution in case of emergency. 


WARNING: The green gates are to use in case of an attack on a hive and NOT to be used as a permanent feature, as the size of the entrance will prevent drones to exit (and queen is case of swarming). We recommend the use of these gates only if your apiary / hive comes under AH pressure. The device if made to PROTECT, not to prevent.

  • Specifications

    Weight 58g

    Dimensions 419 x 38 mm

    Fit BNS 10 frames

    Thickness 3 mm

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