"Winter" Ivy Honey (Baker honey) 340gr

"Winter" Ivy Honey (Baker honey) 340gr

In autumn, the bees are harvesting for the winter store and find nectar and pollen on ivy. 

This ivy honey is crystallising in the comb cell and almost impossible to harvest... but there is a way. 

What do we do? 

We use steam. The honey is fragile, so to not alter it  we put the cut comb of crystallised honey in an hermetic pot on top of a simmering  pan . This soften the wax very slowly, the heat makes the honey runny and there we go.... lush, runny, amber honey.

This honey is then pass through a veil to remove tiny particle of wax. 

As the process is entirely different from a classic processing, and as the honey has been warmed up to allow the extraction, we call it "Baker honey"

The ivy honey.... is very peculiar. Extremely strong in flavour, Extremely sweet,  it s not for the faint hearted. Let's say it's  a "marmite" honey. 

You will find with this honey the flavour of woodland ( if woodland got a flavour🙂), it's ideal to for your tea or coffee, or to add in your bakes. 

Obviously, you can have it on piece of toast or pancakes... but keep in mind that it s a " powerful" honey re flavours. 

This honey is charged with pollen and might set. Follow the instructions on the jar if it does and you like it runny!


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