Summer Honey - Hawk How - West Harptree - 340gr

Summer Honey - Hawk How - West Harptree - 340gr


Produce of England,UK.
The spring honey is golden colour, set or runny depending on the hive it comes from and availability, unaltered, unpasteurized, straight from our hives located in Wiltshire, 
The harvested honey will arrive on your table exactly as it is in the Beehive.

Go up the hill and you will walk in an heritage orchard. Go down and you will reach the bank of the wonderful Chew Valley Lake. Thanks to the owner of this land to host our apiary in North somerset, where our bees can enjoy nectar and pollen from a vast range of flowers and trees. The honey has a very distinctive taste, thanks to the apple trees nearby!

340gr jars
Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten free

All natural honey will crystallize, it's a mark of quality, if you like clear honey if it has crystallised, follow the instructions on the jars. 
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